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ALT-love Podcast

nonmonogamy, kink, tantra

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Latest Episode

Recently Daddy and I had two experiences just weeks apart from one another that inspired this podcast. Warning! If you are a new age "wok" kid and/or feminist theres a chance you will get triggered at some point during this podcast. We partook in conversations with two different women about ours and their relationship/sex life. Each had their own story with similarities including their opinion of us i.e. judgement, intrigue, discuss, amazement, curiosity, and admiration. We are all for strong, independent feminine energy however when women demand to stand in the masculine and feminine spot in the relationship is when toxicity comes in. Stay tuned for the following podcast talking about good vs toxic masculinity. 

  The Show

ALT-love is all about alternative relationships from nonmonogamy to kinks/fetishes to tantra. Basically we love anything society labels taboo and well “unacceptable”. Rose (aka Pixie) is a sex, love, and relationship coach as well as a tantra instructor. Her main co-host is her partner Jeremy (aka Daddy), who spent ten years in finance then quit to travel the world for the next ten years. They came together because of their love for sexual adventures and excitement. The majority of their knowledge comes from personal experience. Jeremy is twenty-three years older than Rose, has had two marriages, and numerous girlfriends, with endless outrageous stories. Rose is in her late 20s, who holds strong to the belief of open love and prides herself on being an ethical slut. Together they practice and help others with BDSM, Ddlg, non monogamous relationships, and tantra. 


Rose also likes to bring others onto the show as co-host to get other perspectives and knowledge from different walks of life and kinks.



[my partner] and I have been listening to your podcast and it has been immensely helpful in regards to our own poly relationship. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your own struggles because it sheds a whole lot of light for people like us who are new to this and need to feel like we're not allone


I just love your content! Husband and I are in a happy swing relationship. . . your content makes me so happy and I feel the strength of our determination to live our best authentic experiences. Thank you for your power and thank you for sharing it with the world.


Very educational and also very eye opening for me. I've known many people that are in poly/open relationships, the kink/bdsm lifestyle, but never had much experience with anyone firsthand in the swinger lifestyle. Keep up the amazing work!


I just listened! Thank you so much for posting. I've been having a difficult time with my Daddy and him wanting to open the relationship back up. . . I was feeling so uncomfortable without knowing who to turn to so I turned to your podcast. Thank you for your insight and support. The content os really helping me out of a dark place.




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